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tiny house kits under $20,000

Best 10 Tiny House Kits Under $20,000

Best 10 Tiny House Kits

under $20,000, THOW & Prefab

DIY Tiny House Kits, THOW, and Prefab Homes under 20K and Roomy

Even though it may be an oxymoron to use adjectives such as roomy or spacious to describe tiny homes, such does exist. 
And, we have discovered the best tiny house kits. Check it out below!  
Looking for some tiny home kits at an even lower price, visit tiny house kits under $10,000!
If want to furnish these tiny homes, we can help with that too!

Please be aware that the prices of items featured in our list are subject to change throughout the year. While we strive to provide accurate and current pricing information, market fluctuations may lead to prices exceeding $20,000 at times.

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Best Loft:
Haven Cabin Kit with Loft 185 Sq ft - Bunkie Life
Roomy with the best materials


Best Creatively Flexible Tiny House Kit:
Cabin Frame Kit - FrameUpNow - Amazon
The price is right


Best Timber Frame:
14x20' Timber Frame Kit - Square Rule Frames - Etsy
Ready to assemble


Best Prefabricated Container:
20x16x8 ft Modular Tiny House - TMS Home Decor - Etsy
Marvelous One-Room Prefab


Best Mobility:
16′ Element THOW - Dragon Tiny Homes
135 square feet THOW


Best Cabin-Style Kit:
12X20 GIBRALTAR - Jamaica Cottage Shop
Nice curbside appeal


Best Steel Framed Tiny Home Kit:
U.S. Made Steel Dwelling Tiny Home Kit Easy to DIY - NuEco Systems - Etsy
Custom designed and most durable


Best Resort-Style Kit:
Bonaire Resort styled Cabin Kit – Allwood
Cute escape from the daily grind


Best Garden House Kit:
Claudia - Allwood
Cozy and so sunny inside


Best Glamping Pod:
Amazing Tiny House / Glamping Pod, Thermowood - Norida Pods -eBay
Stunning European craftsmanship


Haven Cabin Kit with Loft 185 Sq ft

Step into the world of charming, versatile living with the Bunkie Life Haven Cabin Kit, a delightful 2-story cabin with an 80 ft² loft, perfect for your backyard or remote property. Crafted from premium Northern Spruce, this Canadian-made gem is designed for easy weekend assembly. It's an all-in-one solution for guest housing, vacation retreats, or just that much-needed extra space, and it comes with the promise of enhancing your property's value without the stress of a second mortgage or costly home remodel.

The cabin kit brims with features that blend functionality with elegance: pre-cut, notched, and interlocking Northern Spruce wood, double pane windows with screens, tongue-and-groove boards, and premium hardware for doors and windows. It's structurally sound to withstand Northern snow loads, offers a 5-year warranty, and even comes with free shipping. Inside the box, you'll find everything from the cabin structure to detailed assembly instructions, a safety railing for the loft, and expert phone support.

Specifications-wise, the Haven Cabin Kit is a compact powerhouse: 185 ft² in total (105 ft² main floor plus an 80 ft² loft), and an impressive overall height of 15'4". Its footprint is a neat 10'3" x 10'3", and it can support up to 2,500 lbs. in the loft. While it doesn't include foundation materials, roofing, or insulation, the kit provides a comprehensive materials list for these. This kit isn't just a structure; it's a gateway to countless possibilities and adventures for under $19,000.

Best Creatively Flexible Tiny House Kit:  FrameUpNow Cabin 10/12-Pitch Roof Steel Frame House Kit - Amazon

FrameUpNow DIY Frame Kit

The Cabin Frame Kit by FrameUpNow provides an opportunity for creativity in designing your living space. It includes steel frames and panels, simplifying the house-building process and easing the pressure of design. The DIY cabin kit is versatile, ideal for constructing a bedroom with a walk-in closet, a bathroom, and an open living area with a potential kitchen space.

This cabin kit features a 10/12-pitch Roof 2x6-Wall Frame, offering 384 sq/ft of space, extendable to 484 sq/ft with a loft steel building kit. It offers three roof options: flat, 4/12-Pitch, or 10/12-Pitch, allowing for flexible space utilization according to individual needs. It offers customization options for both interior and exterior designs, encompassing selections for double-door entryways and window styles.

Safety and ease of installation are key aspects of this kit. The cold-formed steel (CFS) structure is lightweight, structurally sound, and resistant to warping, expansion, and fire, ensuring safety and durability. The kit includes all necessary parts for the steel 'skeleton' of the structure, with pre-punched panels for easy, equipment-free DIY installation under $13,000.

14x20' Timber Frame Kit

Square Rule Frames specializes in crafting 14x20 Timber Frames with traditional wood joinery, combining craftsmanship and sound design. Their frames are custom-made, adaptable in size, and come 100% ready to assemble, aiming to provide strong, beautiful buildings at a reasonable cost. The frame showcased, designed for a Medieval Faire shop, is 14’ x 20’ with two 5’ porches, a cupola, and decorative beams.

The structure is designed to sit on masonry piers and features four bents across its 14’ width, tied together by 22’ beams. It has a 12/12 pitch roof made of 4x4s, offering strength and aesthetic appeal. The main framing uses 6x6 to 8x8 sized beams.

The cost for a white pine kit frame ranges from $14,000 to $16,000, including drafting, materials, and joinery labor. The structure frame alone costs $14,000, with porch framing priced at $1,000 each. More info about 14x20' Timber Frame Kit.

20x16x8 ft Modular Tiny House

Dive into the world of versatile living with this 20x16x8 ft expandable mobile shed by TMS Home Decor, a chameleon in the world of tiny houses, storage spaces, and mobile offices. Crafted from galvanized steel, this shed laughs in the face of decay, rot, and termites, and stands tall against the whims of weather. It's not just a shed; it's a secure fortress, complete with a lockable door and four welcoming windows, offering an impressive 2560 cu. ft. of space.

Unleash the magic of transformation with its expandable design, elegantly morphing from a compact 20 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft to a spacious 20 ft x 16 ft x 8 ft. This isn't just extra room; it's a 320 sq. ft. realm of possibilities, all while snuggling in energy-efficient EPS insulation that masterfully balances temperature and conserves energy.

Behold the epitome of durability in this shed, with its robust framework wrapped in a protective coat to withstand nature's challenges. Windows serve as portals for natural light and ventilation, fostering a pleasant interior. The anti-theft door acts as a steadfast guardian, and the entire structure is a breeze to assemble on any flat surface.

Priced under $15,000, it's designed for versatility in use. More info about 20x16x8 ft Prefab Modular Tiny House.

16′ Element THOW

Dragon Tiny Homes introduces the "16′ Element" a compact yet affordable marvel in the world of tiny homes. This 16' long, 8.5' wide, and 13.5' tall abode offers a snug 135 sq. ft. of ground-floor space, complemented by a spacious loft. It's a perfect blend of durability and mobility, weighing 7,000 lbs., and sports a robust LP Smart Siding exterior, with an open-layout interior in unfinished plywood, awaiting your personal touch.

Inside, you'll find a full-size bathroom, optional laundry area, and a plethora of windows that flood the space with natural light and fresh air. It's well insulated for energy efficiency, and can be upgraded with a mini-split system. Standard electrical and plumbing setups make it move-in ready, while still leaving room for your creative upgrades.

For just $19,500, a limited-time offer, this model promises an affordable entry into full-time tiny home living. Constructed in Snellville, GA, and available for delivery, it includes features like two burners in the kitchen and the option to add laundry facilities. Dragon Tiny Homes are NOAH certified, ensuring quality and safety, and this model, with its one loft and 13'6" height, can be towed with an F350 or similar vehicle, making it as practical as it is charming.

12X20 GIBRALTAR - Jamaica Cottage Shop

Imagine the Gibraltar, the quintessential woodland cottage, complete with a meandering porch, a decorative barrel arch over the door, and plenty of barn sash windows to let the light in. This 12x20 charmer comes as a Complete Shell package, offering a weather-tight, uninsulated structure that includes doors, windows, and the potential for customization to suit your unique vision. It's the very essence of rustic elegance, ready to be configured to your heart's desire.

Enter the world of DIY with the ease of Pre-Cut Kits, shipped nationwide and containing everything you need for a hassle-free assembly of this stunning design. Jamaica Cottage Shop takes the headache out of the construction process with precise, color-coded cut lists, detailed plans, and an exploded view for easy assembly. All you need are basic carpentry hand tools, and you're set to bring this cottage to life, supported by our incredibly helpful tech staff.

 Diving into the specifics, the Gibraltar sits on a recommended foundation of crushed gravel and boasts a 240 sq. ft. footprint. The roof features a gable style with a 6/12 pitch and a unique dormer with a barrel arch, adding character and charm. Priced at under $13,000, this cottage is not just a building; it's a gateway to your haven in the woods.
Steel Frame Granny Tiny House Kit

Introducing a Steel Frame Tiny Home Kit DIY Kit that is 270 square feet including a 6’X15’ deep patio. This can be custom-designed and engineered based on your desires, and, geographical location and code requirements. Engineering will include the foundation block and other necessities for the steel structure design.

This kit by NuEco Systems comes with the total package of what is needed for assembly containing all mechanical bolts, braces, daubed screws, and sealants with the exclusion of the actual windows and doors. In addition, this steel-framed tiny house also includes a 45-year warranty!

Also, there is free tech support available to assist while you erect your building. And, if living in Arizona, California, and/or Colorado, the seller can provide a local team or subcontractor list to assist in constructing and installing windows and doors. The price for the total kit is around $20,000. More info on DIY Lightweight Steel Tiny Home.

Bonaire Resort Cabin

Yes, we have a resort-styled cabin on the list of the best tiny house kits that are reasonably priced. Incredible as that may sound, this is it…the Bonaire Resort Cabin. And, let’s address the cost right up front; under $15,000. Yes, one can have this cool modern mini-resort for such a price as that!

The Allwood Bonaire Resort flaunts a 225 square-foot open floor plan, 2 glass double doors, 3 floor-to-ceiling double windows, and, of course, it has the high-quality Nordic Spruce that Allwood is famous for. However, design as you wish…even with a galley-type kitchen.

In conclusion, the instructions, for this cabin, include numbered drawings and can be assembled by 2 people in about a week with only minimal tools needed. Unwind in an oasis after a hard day at work, or, have a poolside recreation center or clubhouse for family and friend. It’ll easily complement any surroundings.

Best Garden House Kit:  Claudia - Allwood

Allwood Claudia

Yes, there’s ample natural light inside this comfy gorgeous cabin. It has windows on all of the walls excluding the back. The Allwood Claudia is an adorable space to grow a garden, have a summer house, pool house, a detached building for retail purposes or an office, guest house, or whatsoever your mind can imagine for a delightful sunny day.

The Claudia cabin has an inside floor area of 209 square feet, recognized Allwood Nordic spruce wood, double dual pane door entry, 4 windows in the front, 2 windows on each side wall, and gable triangles. Assembly could be swiftly completed if you’ve got about 4 days and can find another person. Pricing is under $11,000.

Tiny House Pod

This tiny house or Glamping Pod by Norida Pods is expertly crafted in Europe using high-quality Scandinavian pine. The pod, resembling a house, is a kit requiring self-assembly, similar to IKEA furniture, and comes with a user-friendly manual. The price includes nationwide delivery of the pod, currently in dry storage, measuring approximately 190 sq. ft with specific dimensions and features like a pinewood floor, bitumen shingle roof, double glass windows, and a terrace with thermowood decking.

The pod lacks electricity and plumbing but can be wired post-assembly or equipped with solar panels for basic power needs. The pod weighs about 6000 lbs, reflecting its quality, and is shipped on a sizeable pallet.

Thermowood used in the pod is a durable, environmentally-friendly material processed through heat treatment, enhancing its resistance to weather changes, biological damage, and wear. The price, of under $20,000, includes nationwide delivery of the pod, currently in dry storage, measuring approximately 190 sq. ft with specific dimensions and features like a pinewood floor, bitumen shingle roof, double glass windows, and a terrace with thermowood decking.


1.  Is it cheaper to buy or build a tiny house?

Normally, it cost less to erect a tiny home than to purchase one already built. However, the savings may be questionable if one misjudges the work required to do it yourself. A small error may end up being quite costly regarding not only money but also time in repairing or fixing it. 

There are some important aspects to consider, whether buying or building, that could impact the total cost such as:

  • House dimensions/capacity
  • Building materials to be used
  • Tiny house on wheels (THOW), or tiny house kits on wheels
  • Tiny house on foundation
  • Availability to Utilities
  • Building permits needed and cost in the region
  •  Selection of amenities

2.  Can you build a tiny house for $20,000?

Yes!  And, you have come to the right place as this entire webpage was dedicated to relaying wisdom about building a tiny home for under $20,000.

Really, on the whole, there’s a wide array of costs for tiny homes. And, it can be done even with very little money. So, it is possible especially if you have woodworking skills.

Even though most tiny houses average $50,000 plus, don’t be discouraged. There’s hope after all if you are really wanting to build a tiny house on a shoestring budget. If wanting to do-it-yourself under $10,000 then check out these tiny home kits.

3.  Does Amazon sell tiny home kits?

Yes, most definitely these are amazing tiny house kits! Note that some of the 10 best tiny house kits, THOW, and a prefab listed above are sold on trusted sites such as Amazon and Etsy. And, they can be purchased at less than $20,000.