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Best Furniture for Tiny Houses

Best Furniture for Tiny Houses: 15 Tiny House Furniture Ideas

Tiny house furniture isn’t just for dolls in dollhouses, but also for humans in actual living spaces of tiny houses. Ever since COVID-19, tiny homes have become more popular than ever before. Approximately 80% or more Americans would contemplate purchasing a tiny house for their first home. That’s an overwhelming amount of folk!

Along with the possibility of obtaining such a place, those folk may want to equip themselves with furniture that’s best for a tiny home. We shall expand on some tiny home furniture concepts as the article progresses.

What’s So Unique About Tiny House Furniture?

The answer would be the same as what’s special about tiny homes overall…minimalism. The lessening of belongings while concentrating more on the items that are truly significant.

Furniture for tiny houses may be smaller than what would be consumed for normal homes, condos, or apartments. And, saving space is definitely a major factor to consider along with the size of the furniture.

15 Tiny House Furniture Ideas

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1 - Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are idyllic for tiny houses. These sofas have several pieces that can be converted into a variety of furniture pieces like a sofa and ottoman, a U or L-shaped sectional, or bed. Modular sofas can transform a living room into a cozy sleeping space.

2 - Murphy Beds

This bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy around the early 1900s. So, Murphy Beds have been around for quite a while. They are really great furniture for tiny homes in that they offer a space saving opportunity. When folded away, these beds may also include extra storage with drawers.

3 - Wall-mounted Tables

Take advantage of every space available at a tiny home including the walls. If there’s an empty space on the wall, just mount a table. For flexibility, one can position the table for a variety of heights, like a normal table or a bar. Or, for a range of sitting spaces for dining, like seating for 2 or up to 4 people. Or, an array of applications, like a blackboard, shelf, workspace, or office desk. After using, just fold it up and away for some free open space.

4 - Trundle Beds

What are trundle beds? Basically, a bed under a bed; a hideaway slumbering area. Some are beds on wheels for easy rolling and maneuvering. Just pull or roll the extra bed from under a daybed, platform, or another bed and relax fittingly. Some trundle beds remain flat to the floor once rolled out while others may arise or pop out. Accommodate guests or just pull out every night on the regular.

5 - Loft Beds

Tiny homes also may take advantage of the vertical space by offering lofts that can be a living area but often times are a sleeping area. Folk may just throw any mattress on the loft floor which may easily suffice. Other options could be low-profile beds or foldable mattresses.

Shabby Chic: Folk Bed

6 - Storage Under Beds

Some tiny homes have a bedroom on the main floor as opposed to such in a loft. These rooms are ideal for beds that have storage underneath since the rooms are bound to be quite small. Having everything under the bed that would normally be in not only a 3-drawer dresser but possibly even a double dresser is most definitely an excellent space-efficient and storage concept.

The Futon Shop: Storage Drawers Under Bed Walnut

7 - Floor Couches/Sleepers

Comfy and cozy on the floor. These are really great for tiny house lofts that are height-challenged, allowing for sitting and sleeping in the space. Folding is the simple key to it all for this unconventional appearance. Transform a small space from living to slumbering. And, possibly provide a healthy environment as well since sitting on the floor may be beneficial. This is definitely minimalism at its finest for tiny home furniture concepts.

8 - Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas have been around for over 9 decades. Bernard Castro created the ‘Castro convertible’ which developed into what is believed to be the sofa bed of today. It is a design of a sofa and bed combined that converts any living space into a chic lounge. Some even have storage.

9 - Lift Sofa Bunker Beds

This is a twist to the sleeper sofa as an effortless lift of the sofa converts it into a bunk bed that can sleep 2 grown folk. A stylish and comfortable addition to the living room with the ability to allow bedding for 2 as the night approaches. A resourceful use of space while being aesthetically pleasing.

10 - Futons

Futons are modest sofas that are quite the popular items of furniture for tiny homes. They are usually lighter than traditional sofa beds. And, are great space savers which makes them rather advantageous for tiny houses. Futons can be easily converted from a sleeping space to a seating area.

The Futon Shop: Organic Wool and Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

11 - Space Saver Tables and Chairs

Drop leaf tables that can roll into a corner or that can be flush to a wall are able to create more open areas. The table and chair sets provide storage for dishes, silverware, kitchen towels, napkins, and so on. The sets can be used as a small kitchen island, a dining table, a craft area, or a stand-up desk. They are so easy to manipulate for any occasion.

12 - C-Table

The normal end tables sit at the end of a couch or bed. In a regular-sized home, this would be suitable home décor. But in a tiny home, this takes up needed and cherished space. So, a C-table would be more conducive to tiny houses since they can just slide underneath any couch or bed and hover above any armrest. Yet, still provide easy access to items and practical storage just as regular end tables, while smaller and lighter in size.

13 - Staircase Storage

Needless to say, a tiny house is not able to support a standard sized staircase. So, creative concepts are needed to allow access to the lofts or upper levels. One such idea is Tansu stairs which are Japanese-style staircases. They are simply wooden storage boxes stacked to create a staircase…forming a great space saver option and beautiful décor at the same time.

14 - Storage Poufs/Ottomans

Poufs and small ottomans can be appealing and practical furniture for a tiny home. They can be utilized as a place for cozy sitting, resting feet, a coffee table, and/or storing items from magazines to linen. This furniture has a variety of shapes (square, rectangle, round, etc), that allows great flexibility in tiny home spaces. And, adding to even more efficiency in space, some poufs/ottomans can be folded and stored when not in use.

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15 - Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Attractive furniture that is a mixture of a coffee table, desk, and storage area is the lift top coffee table. It is multifunctional allowing the usual features of a coffee table, but, by simply and quietly raising the desktop, a hidden storage compartment and workstation are revealed. How cool is that! This is a great asset if one is planning to work from home while living in a tiny house.

If you are looking for space-saving, efficient, modern, and nice-looking furniture, then these tiny home furniture concepts will be quite advantageous. And, if seriously considering building a tiny house, visit the best tiny house kits under $20,000.