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Lucy Tiny House

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5 Tiny House Floor Plans for Free

Free DIY Tiny Home Plans

We’re offering free tiny house plans that anyone can use to begin building their first tiny home, bringing that dream to fruition. Or, use them to add another living space on your property in the backyard or beside the main home.

Even though the tiny house plans are free, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t all-encompassing of information needed to construct your tiny home. Included are illustrations, blueprints, images, material lists, and detailed instructions.

There are tiny home options in sizes, lofts, 1 and 2 stories, 1- and 2-bedroom spaces, styles, and designs. In addition, the plans contain photos to assist in storage ideas and interior decorating. Indulge and erect these cozy tiny spaces yourself ensuring hands-on control and saving money.

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Lucy Tiny House

Tom, Shaye, and Hazel share their tiny house construction hoping to inspire others to create their own tiny paradise. Lucy is the name of their tiny home. They built her on a trailer measuring about 23.6’ X 7.9’, carrying 3500 kg.  Furthermore, they drew their own plans without an architect or any engineering inspection.

All of the woodwork was salvaged. So, may be difficult to find the exact same sizes. Also, take note of the information conveyed about the loft dimensions.

Tom and Shaye discovered that they don’t need to have a big house to be happy.  In conclusion, living in a tiny home may mean fewer bills, possibly working less, and having more time enjoying life. Lucy-Tiny House Framing.pdf

Quartz Tiny House

Ana White’s free tiny house plan is a modern rustic style with a complete kitchen, 2 lofts (larger for bedding and a small one for storage), and a secluded bedroom (2 bedroom tiny house plans - free). In addition, there’s an alternate blueprint that includes a restroom with a compost toilet and shower.

Living in Alaska limits shopping sources. So, primarily used Amazon, super-centers, and home improvement retail stores in town for such.

The tiny home is built on a trailer, (PJ Super Wide Channel B6), that’s 24’X8.6’. Note that Ana White relays the plans haven’t been examined by any architects nor engineers. However, they are thorough with a floor plan, designs, directions, pictures, and a full tour on video.  Quartz Tiny House by Ana White

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Homesteader’s Cabin

The 12X24 foot long Homesteader’s Cabin has a 12/12 rooftop and loft which provides a sufficient second-floor living area for bedding and more. Or, can enable a high ceiling for the first floor.

For access to the second floor, use a ladder or spiral staircase. Note that most tiny homes use ladders because regular stairs occupy too much space. However, a spiral staircase is unique and doesn’t require as much area.

The first floor may accommodate a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and closet. The plans show detailed dimensions for various views of the tiny house. Also, there are elevations displayed. In conclusion, a nice-sized tiny home with a cool aesthetic exterior. 12x24-Homesteaders-Cabin-v2 plans

The smart 2-story 460 square foot cabin is designed by architect Dan O’Connell. It’s a quaint tiny retreat that can easily fit a narrow lot and has lots of views because there are windows on all sides of the house.

Firstly, this tiny house boasts a living area, kitchenette, and powder bathroom on the first floor. Secondly, on the second floor, it has a bath with shower, bedroom, and balcony.

The blueprints are quite detailed with foundation, floor plans, roof and wall framing, elevations, and electrical information. In conclusion, if you have a tight spot of land and would like to build a comfy cabin on it, this would be ideal.


Lookout Cabin
Gypsy Wagon

This website elaborates on how to build a tiny home on a very small budget, limited woodworking abilities, and a simple layout. The writer talks about the relationship with their grumpy grandpa that led to getting an old home-built utility trailer that became the Gypsy Wagon.

In conclusion, wanting to remain mortgage-free led to an inventive way to build a full-time dwelling in the trailer. Moreover, after emphasizing having a rust-free trailer, the instructions begin...  A 12-step process that details the dimensions, ledge construction, walls, bed/loft, cabinets, roof, utilities, tool list, and more.

Gypsy Wagon