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Top 12 DIY Tiny Home Plans

Top 12 DIY Tiny Home Plans

Hey there, tiny home enthusiasts! Ready to dive into a world where less is more and small is sensational? We've scoured two of the web's favorite marketplaces, Amazon and Etsy, to bring you a delightful roundup of some of the best DIY tiny home plans out there. So, grab your miniature mug of cocoa, and let's jump in! There is no particular order...just the best overall DIY tiny house plans that are budget-friendly to luxury living.

  - Always consult a local professional before beginning construction.
  - Adherence to local building codes is crucial.
  - Designs are informational; ensure you have the proper permissions and guidance before initiating any build.

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Size: 368 SF of eco-friendly design.

Off-The-Grid: Designed for self-sufficient living.

Plans Snapshot:

  - Limited Set: Floor plans, exterior visuals, cover details.

  - Full Set: Adds building sections, structural details, foundation specifics.

Eco Highlights:

  - Passive design.

  - Net-zero energy.

  - Solar-panel integration.

Exterior Highlights: Exterior storage, relaxing deck

Features: Compact kitchenette, stove, desk, twin bed.

Budget: $55,200 to $73,600 for construction.

Conclusion: An off-the-grid blueprint for a sustainable future and luxury living.

Pages: 176 filled with insights and expertise.

Goal: Guide to create a dreamy tiny home on wheels (THOW).

Key Features:

  - 380+ color photos for clarity.

  - Step-by-step construction insights.

  - Peek into a fully lived-in version.

Author Insight: Written by Chris Schapdick, an award-winning builder.

Special Mention: Kitchen, bathroom, and personalized touches detailed.

Budget Friendly: Complete the project for under $5,000 in just a month.

Conclusion: Your roadmap to embracing and enjoying the tiny house lifestyle on wheels.

- Design: Versatile and budget-friendly.

- Size: Main cabin is 8x12 with optional 8x9 addition, porch, and patio.

- Off-The-Grid: Suitable for self-reliant living.

- Build Cost: Construct the 8x12 cabin for roughly $2,000 – including foundation to roofing.

- Ease: If you can cut straight, you can craft this!

- Plans Details:

  - 35-page colorful eBook.

  - Comprehensive framing for all sections.

  - Material lists and equipment recommendations.

  - A touch of solar power guidance.

Conclusion: Walden's plans make your tiny cabin dream achievable and sustainable.

- Objective: Master the art of tiny house living.

- Big Picture: Bypass 15 years of mortgage by opting for a tiny lifestyle.

- Content Glimpse:

  - 5 diverse tiny home blueprints with floor plans and visuals.

  - Delve into the benefits and challenges of tiny living.

- Essential Takeaways:

  - Why tiny houses are transformative.

  - Financial and lifestyle perks of tiny living.

  - Practical considerations.

  - Woodworking projects.

Conclusion: An essential guide for those eager to embrace a simplified, meaningful life in a perfectly designed tiny abode.

- Design Dimensions: 16' x 26'

- Interior Features:

  - Kitchen/Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Walk-in Closet.

- Exterior Features:

  - Deck.

  - Front Porch.

- Design Specifics:

  - Open Floor Plan: Allows for fluid movement between the kitchen and living area.

  - Electrical and Plumbing: Detailed plans showing outlet placements, pipe arrangements, and more.

  - Material Specifics: Zoomable PDFs on a USB drive featuring foundation, framing, roof, ceiling, and elevations.

Conclusion: This design package is a perfect start for those seeking a tiny home, blending style with practicality.

- Size: Spacious 320 SF design.

- Versatility: From storage shed to a guest house aesthetic.

- Plans Snapshot:

  - Limited Set: Material list, cutting lists, tools list.

  - Full Set: Adds step-by-step instructions, detailed drawings, safety hints.

- Exterior Highlights:

  - Porch for lounging.

  - Excellent for garden sheds and relaxation spots.

- Features: Shielded porch - rain and harsh weather protection.

Conclusion: Enhance property value with this functional yet aesthetic design suitable for diverse needs.

Big Tex Tiny House on Wheels (THOW)

- Design: Tailored for mobility and year-round living.

- Plans Highlights:

  - Format: 32 pages, full color.

  - Comprehensive: Step-by-step guidance for building.

  - Extras: Material and solar equipment ideas.

- Mobility & Structure:

  - Low profile for easy towing by standard trucks.

  - Optimized for regular relocation.

- Framing: 2x4, aligning with conventional houses.

- DIY-Friendly: Suitable for DIY builders with basic tools.

- Interior Flexibility: Versatile floor plans; sleeps up to 4.

Conclusion: A mobile and cozy living solution for modern nomads.

- Size: 16 feet wide with adjustable length in 4ft increments.

- Materials: Predominantly Wood, complemented by Metal and Glass.

- Plans Snapshot:

  - Main Set: Hand-drawn 11" x 17" drawings, real construction photos.

  - Extras: Full-size paper steel plate patterns, alternative lumber suggestions.

- Key Highlights:

  - Minimal waste with uniform 4 x 8 panels.

  - Quick assembly!

- Customization: Front/back walls and interior adaptable to personal preferences.

- Delivery: Physical plans shipped for free.

 Conclusion: An authentic A Frame plan for varied architectural desires, from cabins to guest houses.

- Size:

  - Main Area: 204 sq. ft.

  - Loft: 60 sq. ft.

- Features:

  - Sleeping Loft,  3/4 Bath,  Full Kitchen,  Portability

- Plans Snapshot:

  - Design Ethos: Modern, minimalistic, and innovative.

  - Usability: DIY-friendly, emphasizing functionality and style.

- Highlights:

  - Open tiny home layouts with multi-purpose furniture.

  - Clever storage solutions, maximizing every inch.

  - Large windows for enhanced spaciousness.

- Aesthetic: Clean lines, natural materials, and minimalist appeal.

Conclusion: A compact blueprint prioritizing sustainable living without compromising on modern essentials.

- Size: Varies across designs.

- Design Categories:

  - Modern Granny Plans

  - Tiny Homes

  - Home Cabins

  - Cottages

- Plans Snapshot:

  - Total Designs: 25 top home designs.

  - Measurements: Available in both metric and feet and inches.

Conclusion: Dive into the world of compact and modern housing with Modern Granny's curated designs. The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for those seeking affordable yet stylish housing solutions.

- Design

- Size: 300 sq. ft.

- Layout:

  - 1 Bedroom, 1 Ensuite

- Plans Snapshot:

  - Concept Plans: Offers a competitive advantage when seeking a builder. Protects against potential copyright issues and provides room for cost-saving.

  - Construction Plans: Detailed and comprehensive, but not covered here.

- Imperial Inclusions:

  - Floor plan dimensions in feet and inches.

  - Elevation plans in feet and inches.

  - 3D front render.

  - 2D floor plan with furniture positions.

Conclusion: The 29 Gecko presents a compact yet functional living space.

- Size: 320 sq. ft.

- Rooms: 3 Bedrooms, 3/4 Bath, Full Kitchen.

- Special Features:

  - Portable Home

  - AirBnB-friendly Design

  - ANSI Compliant Park Model

  - DIY Friendly

- Design Highlights:

  - Main floor bedroom adaptable for office or multi-purpose room.

  - Wider floor plan for comfortable living room setup.

  - Functional kitchen layout.

  - Livable bathroom design with smart storage.

  - Loft with height of 6'8", option for laundry unit or additional storage.

Conclusion: "The Trove" offers a blend of comfort and smart design, making it a top choice for those desiring a spacious tiny home experience.