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under $20,000 and Roomy

Even though it may be an oxymoron to use adjectives such as roomy or spacious to describe tiny homes, such does exist. 
And, we have discovered the best tiny house kits. Check it out below!  If want to furnish these tiny homes, we can help with that too!

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Best of All:
The Countryside on 84tinyliving.com – 84 Lumber
Roomy THOW with superb materials


Best Low-Priced Tiny House Kit:
Escape Cabin – Allwood on Amazon
The price is right


Best FarmHouse Kit:
FarmHouse – Cedarshed on Amazon
That rustic living


Best Prefabricated Container:
Puzhong - New Spire Prefabricated House Container 
Marvelous One-Room Prefab


Best Mobility:
The Roving on 84tinyliving.com – 84 Lumber
154 square feet THOW


Best Cabin-Style Kit:
Chloe Cabin – Allwood on Amazon
Windows galore for plenty of sunshine


Best Steel Framed Tiny Home Kit:
U.S. Made Steel Backyard Office Granny Flat Tiny Home Kit Patio Easy to DIY
Custom designed and most durable


Best Resort-Style Kit:
Bonaire Resort styled Cabin Kit – Allwood on Amazon
Cute escape from the daily grind


Best Garden House Kit:
Claudia - Allwood on Amazon
Cozy and so sunny inside


Best Little Love Nest Kit:
Love Nest – Jamaica Cottage Shop on Jamaicacottageshop.com
Romantic entrance and small cottage lifestyle


*We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.*

Best Tiny House Kit of All:  The Countryside on 84 Lumber

One of the best tiny house kits is the Countryside. A THOW (Tiny House on Wheels), erected on a steel trailer that has steel-belted radial tires, safety brakes, and four stabilizer jacks. Therefore, enabling safe and exciting adventures from city to city and state to state

It’s a nice spacious 203 square feet of living space that includes a sleeping loft with 3 windows, lighting, outlets. Also, it can fit a full-size mattress. Bathroom has composting toilet, sink, and standard shower. And, is opposite of the resourceful kitchen that features a raised bar for eating or studying, a custom butcher block countertop, 2 upper cabinets, and more.

This rustic tiny home is made with 84 Lumber’s top-quality materials. Average costs about $7,000; semi-DIY varies from $19,000 to $25,000; move-in ready can costs between $49,000 to $80,000.

Best Low-Priced Tiny House Kit:  Escape Cabin - Allwood on Amazon

Best Low-Priced Tiny House Kit:  Escape Cabin - Allwood on Amazon

Allwood carries great inexpensive tiny home kits. And, this charming Escape Cabin is definitely one of them. Its 113 square feet of inside space is large and sufficient enough for a lake house, home office, yoga studio, guest cottage, or just a cute little spot in the backyard to unwind.

In addition, this tiny home can be used for the storage of pool tools and supplies, garden tools, and more. The kit includes Allwood’s Nordic spruce walls, pre-hung door and window, hardware, and more. The easy-to-follow instructions allow 2 adults to complete within 3 to 4 days.

Cozy interior space that’s large enough for a full living room or bedroom suite. Options may include but are not limited to, canopy roof storage, extra windows, and wall planks. On average, this kit may cost about $5,000 to $6,500 which is certainly easy on the pocket.

Best Farmhouse Kit:  FarmHouse - Cedar shed on Amazon

Best Farmhouse Kit:  FarmHouse - Cedar shed on Amazon

This 20 x 14 tiny-sized Farmhouse can be a rustic and generous add-on to you backyard. It features 7-foot high walls, 5-foot wide double doors, 4-foot gable porch depth, 2 windows with planter boxes and decorative shutters, 100% Western Red Cedar exterior paneled wall sections and roofing, and beyond.

Note the Western Red Cedar is one of the most robust environmentally-friendly woods, with a natural decay and moisture resistance. Moreover, its unique aroma is thought to dissuade moth and beetle larvae infestations.

The cedar shed provides plenty of space for a guest bedroom suite, cottage, and on. In addition, can add a loft for extra storage and/or living space. For outdoor relaxation, include patio table and chairs on the gable porch. The Farmhouse shed generally costs less than $13,000 which is a great bargain for the size and durability.

The newly renovated Prefabricated New Spire Container from Guangdong Puzhong has a kitchen and bathroom at 6000mm X 3000mm which is approximately 194 square feet. Guangdong Puzhong Mobile House Manufacturing Plant was founded on May 20, 2016, and has several years of know-how in the prefab house industry. 

This one-room prefab house has a modest presence, with a small balcony, humble bathroom and kitchen, and stylish decor of a modular structure. Puhzong having their own sheet metal factory, enables cost savings and quality raw materials for this container.

For the New Spire House Container, the price is usually under $10,000.

Best Mobility Kit:  The Roving on 84 Lumber

Loving that nomad life, well then, The Roving is ideal for you. At 154 square feet, it is a tiny house on wheels (THOW) fully loaded with details such as an accent wall, custom-designed door, vaulted ceiling, small refrigerator, electric cook-top, functional sink, LED lighting, composting toilet, a full-sized shower, windows, upstairs loft for a full-sized mattress, USB outlets…we could go on and on.

Travel in this all-year-round as it is abundantly insulated with 2×4 wall framing, weatherization taping on windows, and house wrap. Moreover, the exterior has a metal roof, energy-efficient low-E aluminum clad windows, and cedar-lap siding.

Ride in this THOW via a custom trailer with four stabilizer jacks, steel-belted radial tires, floor joists made of steel, and an aluminum rodent-resistant deck. The Roving fully loaded could cost up to $50,000, however, the skeleton may just be about $20,000.

Best Cabin-Style Kit:  Chloe Cabin - Allwood on Amazon

Best Cabin-Style Kit:  Chloe Cabin - Allwood on Amazon

When you initially see the 123 square-foot Chloe Cabin (by Allwood), you can’t help but notice the large windows on all 3 walls and double doors, offering plenty of natural sunlight. In addition, it has the famous Allwood 1.34-inch-thick grain, sturdy, and slowly cultivated Nordic Spruce.

The adorable fine-quality little cabin has multiple uses such as a pool house, garden house, small beach cottage, retail kiosk, or tool supply shed. Imagine the view from the inside due to all of those windows.

The instructions, for this cabin, include numbered drawings that are easy to assemble for two people in about 3 to 5 days with construction materials for the floor and roof. Furthermore, the kit includes most of the parts and hardware, (excludes the roof shingles and foundation materials). One can generally get the kit for about $7,000.

Best Steel Framed Tiny Home Kit:  U.S. Made Steel Backyard Office Granny Flat Tiny Home Kit Patio Easy to DIY

Introducing a steel-frame Tiny Home Kit DIY Kit that is 270 square feet including a 6’X15’ deep patio. This can be custom designed and engineered based on your desires, and, geographical location and code requirements. Engineering will include the foundation block and other necessities for the steel structure design.

This kit comes with the total package of what is needed for assembly containing all mechanical bolts, braces, daubed screws, and sealants with the exclusion of the actual windows and doors. In addition, this steel-framed tiny house also includes a 45-year warranty!

Also, there is free tech support available to assist while you erect your building. And, if living in Arizona, California, and/or Colorado, the seller can provide a local team or subcontractor list to assist in constructing and installing windows and doors. The price for the total kit is $13,959.60.

Best Resort-Style Kit: Bonaire Resort styled Cabin Kit - Allwood on Amazon

Yes, we have a resort-styled cabin on the list of the best tiny house kits that are reasonably priced. Incredible as that may sound, this is it…the Bonaire Resort Cabin. And, let’s address the cost right up front; under $15,000. Yes, one can have this cool modern mini-resort for such a price as that!

The Allwood Bonaire Resort flaunts a 225 square-foot open floor plan, 2 glass double doors, 3 floor-to-ceiling double windows, and, of course, it has the high-quality Nordic Spruce that Allwood is famous for. However, design as you wish…even with a galley-type kitchen.

In conclusion, the instructions, for this cabin, include numbered drawings and can be assembled by 2 people in about a week with only minimal tools needed. Unwind in an oasis after a hard day at work, or, have a poolside recreation center or clubhouse for family and friend. It’ll easily complement any surroundings.

Best Garden House Kit:  Claudia - Allwood on Amazon

Best Garden House Kit:  Allwood Claudia Kit on Amazon

Yes, there’s ample natural light inside this comfy gorgeous cabin. It has windows on all of the walls excluding the back. The Allwood Claudia is an adorable space to grow a garden, have a summer house, pool house, a detached building for retail purposes or an office, guest house, or whatsoever your mind can imagine for a delightful sunny day.

The Claudia cabin has an inside floor area of 209 square feet, recognized Allwood Nordic spruce wood, double dual pane door entry, 4 windows in the front, 2 windows on each side wall, and gable triangles. Assembly could be swiftly completed if you’ve got about 4 days and can find another person. Pricing is under $11,000.

Best Little Love Nest Kit:  Love Nest - Jamaica Cottage Shop

Best Little Love Nest Kit:  Love Nest - Jamaica Cottage Shop

A little Love Nest escape for that special couple…yes! Step onto the porch of the keyhole fashioned entrance of this cozy designed cottage. In addition, sit in one of the relaxing curved built-in-benches while viewing the attractive red cedar lattice pattern and gable-styled roof.

Enter the front door, into a warm interior with a variety of possibilities… For instance, an office space with a built-in desk and cabinets; a romantic retreat with sleeper sofa on a furry cozy rug with well-lit candles and curtains that flow with the breeze; a playhouse with loads of games of all types like dominoes, cards, twister, board games…whatever you like for this warm interior.

The Love Nest comes in 4 sizes: 12X12, 12X16, 12X20, and 12X24. It has different types of kits: frame only, entire pre-cut, and, three and four-season. The price for this cabin may start at around $8,500.


1.  Is it cheaper to buy or build a tiny house?

Normally, it cost less to erect a tiny home than to purchase one already built. However, the savings may be questionable if one misjudges the work required to do it yourself. A small error may end up being quite costly regarding not only money but also time in repairing or fixing it. 

There are some important aspects to consider, whether buying or building, that could impact the total cost such as:

  • House dimensions/capacity
  • Building materials to be used
  • Tiny house on wheels (THOW), or tiny house kits on wheels
  • Tiny house on foundation
  • Availability to Utilities
  • Building permits needed and cost in the region
  •  Selection of amenities

2.  Can you build a tiny house for $20,000?

Yes!  And, you have come to the right place as this entire webpage was dedicated to relaying wisdom about building a tiny home for under $20,000.

Really, on the whole, there’s a wide array of costs for tiny homes. And, it can be done even with very little money. Notice there are some kits above that are under $10,000. So, it is possible especially if you have woodworking skills.

Even though most tiny houses average $50,000 plus, don’t be discouraged. There’s hope after all if you are really wanting to build a tiny house on a shoestring budget. Check out these tiny homes.

3.  Does Amazon sell tiny home kits?

Yes, most definitely there are amazon tiny house kits! Note that over half of the 10 best tiny house kits, THOW, and a prefab listed above are sold on Amazon. And, they can be purchased at less than $20,000.